2023, motion graphics & videography
As a motion design intern for TomTom, I created animated materials for the internal side of the company, as well as assets for the social media platforms.

I gained a better understanding of storytelling on social media and
the requirements for an engaging post.

Chiropractitie de Werf

2022, visual identity
During my internship at Story Studio, I created the visual identity for Chiropractie de Werf. I designed the business cards, envelopes, prescription forms, and developed brand guidelines. 

A big part of my role was understanding what the owner wants to communicate to clients and colleagues, so that I can create materials that properly reflects the goals of the healing practice.

Bachfestival Dordrecht

2023, event materials
The Bachfestival Dordrecht is a biennale music festival that takes place in The Netherlands. This year I created promotional materials based on the already-existing identity of the festival.

I created flyers and posters, as well as flags that were used to advertise and mark certain locations where the event took place.

Perspectief Herstelbemiddeling

2021, anual report
During my internship at Story Studio, I designed the annual report for Perspectief Herstelbemiddeling, a restorative mediation company. I experimented with the layout and created a visually appealing publication by combining elements and colors that match the brand guidelines.

We Are One

2022, motion graphics
While learning how to use After Effects, I created a short shape animation which complements the song “We Are One” by Daddy Was a Milkman.

I thought about the motion graphics in the context of storytelling and synchronized the visuals with the lyrics. Below, I included some typographic experiments.